Why Am I Always Hungry? 14 Reasons Your Stomach Keeps Growling


You’re Drinking Your Meals

Most packaged “meal replacement” shakes or fruit smoothies won’t keep you satiated for long. So, if you start every morning with a protein shake, that could explain why you’re always hungry.

The reason is because liquids empty out of your stomach in less than an hour, says gastroenterologist Scott D. Levenson, M.D., director of the Digestive Care Medical Center in San Carlos, California. By comparison, solid foods take two to four hours. Second, blending foods pulverizes their fibers, so your body breaks them down faster, reducing satiety.

Listen to Mom and chew your food. A 2015 review of studies found that higher levels of “oral processing” (otherwise known as chews per bite) at a meal affect the gut hormones linked to reduced hunger and increased feelings of fullness. Try nuts in your morning Greek yogurt, jerky with your afternoon cheese snack, and al dente vegetables as a dinner side.


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