The 5 Best Butt Plugs for Men That Really Hit the Spot


Lovehoney / WeVibe

Butt plugs are one of those things where you want the best. A mediocre one simply won’t do, which is why we rounded up the best 5 plugs on the market. I, personally, have tried out all these bad boys, and can tell you confidently, they work wonders. If you and your partner have been together for a long time, and have noticed things starting to grow stale in the bedroom, I highly recommend you procure one of these heavenly angels. It’ll take both of your sex lives to a new level. You might experience full-body, prostate-induced orgasms, and if your partner is female, she may enjoy using one herself during penetration.

I picked a wide variety of butt plugs and prostate massagers, which are vibrating butt plugs specifically designed for men. Each offers something slightly different, depending on your specific, butt needs.

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Loki Luxury Vibrating Prostate Massager

The Loki is a staple among butt plug owners. It’s a prostate massager that has six vibration patterns, from strong continuous vibes to a powerful pulsating throb. It’s made of silky silicone and feels smooth against your skin. Since it’s 100% waterproof, I tend to use this guy in the shower.


Vector Vibrating Prostate Massager



The Vector isn’t just a vibrating prostate massager you stick in your behind. Half of the Vector is dedicated externally to your perineum, which is another erogenous zone often ignored on men. Both heads adjust so you can make sure it really hits your spot(s), and We-Vibe actually has an app to control the 10 vibration speeds. If you want to, your partner, while miles away on vacation, can control your toy, taking your phone sex to a new level.


Vice 2 Vibrating Silicone Male G-spot Stimulator


The original Vice was a recipient of the AVN “O” Awards for Outstanding Male Product, so you know the second edition is going to be great. Vice 2 has two powerful motors—one that controls the 18 vibration patterns, and another that controls the four speeds; together they produce 72 sensory experiences. It also comes with a nifty, handheld controller that either you or your partner can control. 


Caesar Vibrating Anal Plug Cock Ring



The more erogenous zones you hit, the more earth-shattering your orgasm will be. It really is that simple. The Caesar hits and vibrates your prostate, the shaft of your penis, along with the highly-sensitive, often ignored scrotal sac. When you’re having sex (penetrative, oral, or manual), your head will be stimulated, too, so you’ll hit every single part of your genitalia in full force. When you do climax with the Caesar—which is often quickly, since it feels so ridiculously good—you’ll have an intense, full-body orgasm.


Booty Call Small Silicone Inflatable Butt Plug 4 Inch

Cal Exotics


Lovehoney’s Inflatable Butt Plug truly was a strange idea, but like many bizarre things, it led to something phenomenal. With it, you can expand the plug while it’s inside of you, and it’s unlike any other sensation you’ve ever experienced. Most butt plugs focus on depth, when clearly this one focuses more on width and hitting your inner walls. In case 4-inches is child’s play to you, not to worry. On their website, Lovehoney has various sizes, which range from 2 to a whopping 8 inches. 

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