Here Is Where You Can Buy Gabriel Luna’s Terminator T-Shirt


In an Instagram post featuring our October 2019 Men’s Health cover, actor Gabriel Luna said shooting the magazine with Arnold Schwarzenegger was an honor. As a kid, Luna idolized Schwarzenegger — and now he gets to star as his enemy in Terminator: Dark Fate. It’s a reality the star is still wrapping his head around in preparation for the film’s release on Nov. 1.

“You can easily be overwhelmed, because he’s a historical figure,” Luna says of Schwarzenegger in our cover story. “But he doesn’t place himself on a pedestal that way. He always makes sure to look at people eye-to-eye. And in doing so, I think you disarm the craziness, y’know?”

Even though Luna stars as Schwarzenegger’s foe in the new film, the actor dressed more as a fan for our cover. Luna wore a retro-inspired shirt featuring a classic badass image of Schwarzenegger as the Terminator in the 1984 film. The Terminator shirt is a must-have for fall in anticipation for the release of Terminator: Dark Fate, and the actor’s look couldn’t be easier to copy. Several tee options ring in at less than $25, with some even featuring the iconic and meme-worthy catchphrase, “I’ll Be Back.”

If you want to steal Luna’s exact cover style, consider cutting off the sleeves of the T-shirt or rolling them to show off your Schwarzenegger-like biceps. After all, even at 72-years-old, Schwarzenegger is the ultimate gym inspo—and that was even true for Luna while preparing to film Terminator: Dark Fate.

“I knew I had to get my body into a good place…I knew I’d eventually have to stand in front of [Schwarzenegger] and my motivation was, I want him to see me and see a formidable foe,” Luna says in the cover story. “I don’t want him to see me and think, I could squash this guy with my thumbs.”

The slightly distressed image on Luna’s shirt has the same feel as a vintage concert tee, making it easy to style with casual pieces. For daytime wear, channel grunge vibes of the ‘90s by pairing the shirt with a flannel button down and jeans. For night, pair the T-shirt with black jeans and leather boots. You could even channel the Terminator himself by layering on a leather jacket. Now that’s badass indeed.


Terminator Classic T-Shirt


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