Best Joker Movie Memes – Twitter Is Dragging Joker With These Great Reference Memes


If you make a movie and it doesn’t get meme-ified, did the movie even happen? Luckily for Joker, it doesn’t have that problem.

Perhaps as a way to diffuse the controversy surrounding the film (or to lambast director Todd Phillips for his commentary about woke culture), Twitter has had its way with Joker. In fact, much of Twitter has seemed downright saturated by Joker, as the discourse about the film has spilled across the platform like a digital morality play unfolding in real time. Many have argued that the film is an irresponsible celebration of incels, a dangerous story exalting the rageful, maladjusted men who turn to mass violence as a balm for their resentment and isolation. Still others claim that the PC police have unfairly piled onto the film.

Joker opened to a heavy police presence at theaters nationwide, as law enforcement feared that it would inspire exactly the sort of mass violence of which Joker himself would approve. Meanwhile, Phillips stoked online debate anew when he said of why he left comedy, “Go try to be funny nowadays with this woke culture.” Phillips was widely pilloried for the implication that comedy reserves the right to offend, though he wasn’t without his share of supporters.

Doesn’t exactly sound like a barrel of laughs, does it? Given that Joker and the wearying discourse around it are rather short on comedy, Twitter’s typical dose of bizarre humor was a welcome one. After all that, don’t you just want to make fun of Joker’s dance moves? Here are some of our favorite memes.


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