Bernie Sanders Almost Gets Taken out by a Speed Bag




A few days ago, Democratic presidential candidate Bernie Sanders visited Louisville, Kentucky, for a campaign rally and to show solidarity with striking AT&T workers. During his visit, he also dropped by the Muhammed Ali Center, where he took on the speed bag, captured in a video clip that’s since gone viral.

The clip starts with the 77-year-old Sanders throwing an amiable right hook at the bag. He overcommits, and after his punch the bag bounces back to bop him on the head. Sanders shouts, “But I’m coming back!” to laughter from the audience. He recovers with a few jabs of his left, then a couple solid right hooks before the video ends.

For someone who’s pushing 80—and busy running a national presidential campaign—Sanders has looked fit and spry this summer, including playing a softball game at Iowa’s “Field of Dreams.” Maybe that’s not surprising for a man who, according to his daughter, was “paleo before paleo was a thing,” eating mostly meat and vegetables, and scrambled eggs for breakfast. And of course, he was a high school track star, and still chops his own wood. Just to be safe, though, Bernie might want to start with the heavy bag next time.


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