3 Sex Positions if She Likes to Be Dominant


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Being dominant in bed means…whatever the heck you want it to mean! Whether she’s looking to mix it up as a usually-submissive partner or she loves to leave you panting for more, she can bring out her more commandeering traits with these positions (given, of course, that you’ve already covered the consent/safe words chat).

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The Dom-ish

If she wants to take control, but doesn’t want to go full-on dungeon master, she can try directing the action. “Kiss my neck.” “I want your mouth on my _______.” “Don’t stop ______!” Because you’re a good partner, you want to know the best ways to please her, and this is basically a master class.


The Sit. Down.

In this position, you sit in a chair, have your partner blindfold you, and let them blow your damn mind. She can remove your clothing slowly, whispering what she’s going to do beforehand (i.e. “I’m going to kiss my way up your inner thigh.”) Then she can let you feel her in parts—sliding a nipple across your lips, touching your hand between her legs so you can feel how wet she is. Finish with your partner on your lap for penetrative sex, or she can even masturbate herself to orgasm, only letting you hear (and imagine) what’s going down.


The Remote Control Lover

In this one, she basically orders you around like a bad ass. She can command you to bend over for a little swat, push your head down between her legs, whatever she wants. If she wants to be mean in the best possible way, she can have you kiss and massager her feet or masturbate for her, and make you beg before she “lets” you service her.

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