26 Best Workout and Fitness Apps Everyone Will Be Using in 2020


After finishing a tough HIIT or CrossFit workout, you may be tempted to call it a day and haul out of the gym ASAP. But proper cool down is essential to recovery, and ROMWOD can help you through it. With over 1,500 flexibility routines, this app—which features detailed voice and visual instruction to master every pose—can help you loosen up while boosting mobility. Routines are added weekly, so you’ll never get bored. (iOS, $14 month)

25. Charity Miles

Image courtesy of Charity Miles

You know that breaking a sweat is good for your body, but why not boost those benefits to others, too? The app Charity Miles allows you to raise money for over 40 charitable organizations like the ASPCA, Stand Up to Cancer, Habitat for Humanity, or St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital, with every mile you move, whether it’s by running, walking, dancing, or biking. The money comes from the app’s corporate sponsor pool (which includes companies like Johnson & Johnson, Del Monte Fresh, Brooks Running), or you can get your friends to sponsor you, too. (free, iOS and Android)

26. RockMyRun

Image courtesy of RockMyRun

You have a quarter-mile left in the last interval of your running workout, and you’re determined to finish strong—but then your music skips to the next song on tap, which just so happens to be a Celine Dion special. Let’s face it: Music can make or break your workout, but who has the time to curate a bunch of different playlists? The app RockMyRun (yes, you can use it for other workouts, too) takes care of that for you, creating expert-curated, high-energy workout mixes to keep your motivation going strong. Upgrade to the Rockstar Premium membership ($5/month), and the app’s Body Driven Music feature will automatically personalize the music to your workout, either by matching the music to your steps, setting the beats per minute to a specific cadence, or even setting the music to your heart rate. (free, iOS and Android)



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